Privacy Policy

Overall, our intent is to treat your data with respect and minimize the amount of data that we do collect. For data that we do collect, we want to inform you of the purpose. This document is a living document and you can give feedback on it by sending it to

Types of Data

There are three kinds of data that we collect:

  • Personally Identifiable Information
  • User Content
  • Metadata about our Users

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information that we collect is your email and preferred name. We use Stripe for payment processing. You can see their terms of service and privacy policy here.

Your preferred name is used to describe you within the application, and if you join a campaign, it will be shared with the other users of that campaign. Barring offensive names, we have no restriction on what you use for your preferred name.

You can correct any mistake with your information through your Account Settings.

User Content

User Content is primarily described in the Terms of Service. You are the only user that can access that content unless you explicitly provide access to it by sharing it within TableRaven.


Other data about you may be collected, including your IP address, information about the browser you are using to access TableRaven, and other network activity on TableRaven services.

Sometimes we work with third parties to provide different services to you or us. There are two that we use currently:

  • Sentry, which is used to provide information on errors that occur on TableRaven. We use this to improve the service for you. You can see their terms of service and privacy policy here. Sentry and us both attempt to limit the amount of information sent to Sentry. Reports to Sentry are scrubbed of personally identifiable information.
  • Plausible, which we use for performance monitoring. You can read their terms and privacy policy here. We use this data to understand the ways in which users find our service, and help us improve the ways that we reach our customers.

These services have been specifically chosen because their practices, policies, and philosophies around user privacy mirror our own.


We do use cookies to provide services in TableRaven. The cookies we do use are short-lived session cookies to faciliate secure operations. We do not use advertising cookies or tracking pixels in our products.

Third Parties

We do not sell user data. We do not exchange user data with other companies in exchange for free services.

While this policy is in reference to the TableRaven application, Branch Cut, Inc. is the legal entity collecting the data.