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TableRaven organizes your tabletop gaming, built for your digital devices

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TableRaven is a Digital Assistant for your TTRPG experience. It supports your gaming, whether online, face-to-face, or a combination. Initially supporting Pathfinder with an ever-expanding feature set!

What is TableRaven?

Your Characters, Your Way

Manage your characters across multiple campaigns

Keep track of how your characters develop with time and experience

Spend more time playing the game with our automatic calculations

Female role play character on blue background with screenshot of TableRaven character sheet

Know Where You Are in Space and Time

Keep track of your turn with our initiative tracker

Never get lost again with our interactive map tool

White bird on top of screenshot from TableRaven's campaign page

Map the Journey

Use our maps in your encounters as a virtual battleground

Record annotations as points of interest and secrets of the map are revealed

Associate maps to multiple encounters for return trips to the dungeon

A screenshot of TableRaven's map with tokens and grid on top of it and green vines wrapping around the screenshot

Fight Battles, Not Rules

Connect your Campaign Notes, Maps, and Encounters together

Interact with your party in real-time so you always know who's up

Obscure information from your players with hidden and masked NPCs

A screenshot of an active battle in TableRaven with dragon's head coming over the screenshot

We respect your privacy and care about not tracking you. Find out more in our privacy policy

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Map images credit Dyson Logos