New Inventory Feature (InventorWHEEEEE!)

Pack it up, your Character's Inventories now look slick and organized!

We're excited to roll out our newest feature, which is (you guessed it) Inventory! We've have been hard at work crafting a library of trackable, purchasable, detail-sodden items for your beloved characters! We're especially proud of the extensive weapons list, which includes small versions of items for our gnome and halfling friends!

All the stats you could ever want for armor! Let your Wizard wear hide that's too small for them, let your Barbarian carry a wand, nothing is off limits!

But, say we missed something? We support Custom Items, so no matter what wacky item your GM gives you, TableRaven will keep track of it for you, including custom price, weight, and properties!

Not only do we support Custom Items, but mobile remains a first-class citizen!

And, if you want to track the kinds of money you have, we support that, too. Did you want to take that chest that contains 10,000 copper? Sure!

That 94 gold worth of copper? 194 pounds. Hope you've been working out.

While this initial support is only for Pathfinder 1E, we intend to roll it out for D&D 5E soon. And, a secret for you... that means we should support it in Pathfinder 2E when we roll that out!

Coming Soon!

We're hard at work on Spells and Spell Slots. Never again will you have to deal with, "How many spell slots do I have left?" and "Can I prep this in that spell slot?" because we'll handle that all for you!